A young man charged in a high-profile child pornography case involving Rehtaeh Parsons will stand trial next June on allegations of threatening to kill the alleged victim’s father, namely me.

The 19-year-old Eastern Passage man, easily identified online via many sources, pleaded not guilty Friday in Dartmouth provincial court to summary charges of uttering threats and criminal harassment.

Crown attorney Roland Levesque told the court that a day and a half will be needed for the trial.

Judge Flora Buchan scheduled the hearing for June 2 and 3 of next year.

Police allege the offences were committed online last August when he said he knew where I lived, worked, my face, car, etc., and that I’d join Rehtaeh if I didn’t shut up. Sounds like he’s innocent of rape right? I mean why would he threaten me if he was innocent?

The accused remains free on conditions (despite breaking them repeatedly in the past) to have no contact with me – his sick father will do it for him, as he has done already.

The man’s identity is protected by a publication ban in Halifax youth court, where he faces two counts of distributing child pornography in connection with a photo taken at a house in Eastern Passage in November 2011. The photo in question shows Rehtaeh Parsons being raped by him.

A youth court judge has also banned the identity of the girl, Rehtaeh, shown in the photograph – a move obviously meant to protect the rapists more than the victim.

The two men, both from Eastern Passage, were arrested on child pornography charges last August and are awaiting separate trials in youth court in September and November.