Edit: This article was updated 28 July 2014 in response to a comment left regarding the Lyle Howe supporters. The added information is at the bottom.

[su_divider] [su_quote]They aren’t just raping someone, they are delighted that they’re raping someone. [/su_quote]

The predicability is sickening. The same disgusting comments, attacks, hate, and depraved mocking. It’s like a subconscious rubber stamp that gets plastered over every and any victim that dares to speak up.

This past month the story of Jada, a 15 year old Houston teenager, made international headlines after she came forward to expose rape culture at it’s ugliest. She was raped and, as has become all too common in our connected world, some disgusting asshole captured and shared images of her laying on a floor unconscious and partially nude. It was posted to Twitter with the hashtag #jadapose and it wasn’t long before others created meme’s of her and Tweeted themselves for the world to see.

Mocking a rape victim is, sadly, only part of the predicability. We have seen it before with Audrie Pott, Daisy Coleman, in Stubbenville, and with my daughter – Rehtaeh Parsons. Rape is such an evil ugly crime but to photograph yourself doing it? They aren’t just raping someone, they are delighted that they’re raping someone. So much so they want the world to see. They are so certain of where the fault lies, and so sure of the inevitable victim blaming, they actually record themselves committing rape and share their depraved violation with the world.

In Rehtaeh’s case the rapist in the photo is actually smiling and giving a thumbs up for the camera.

In the case of Jada it wasn’t just the photo, it’s the mocking of her with memes. Rape memes. Honestly, how low can some people slither.

#jadapose rape memes

#jadapose rape memes

Fortunately, the #jadapose hashtag was picked up and repeated by people with a sense of justice and compassion and replaced the ignorance and abuse. There is also a #jadacounterpose with Tweets of support and admiration for her.

It’s not just the photos that connect these recent cases. The rape culture similarities go much further with the victim blaming that accompanies almost every rape case. These two statements, the first from Steubenville and the second related to Jada, give a glimpse into the latest apologist lie:

Victim Blaming // Rape Culture

Victim Blaming // Rape Culture

You see it’s not about rape, it’s about embarrassment. Never mind the glaring truth that the victim is unconscious in the photos and thus it is rape!

Following Rehtaeh’s death a comment was posted on my site (not approved) that reads, “She lied. She cried. She died. It’s time to end the lies, Glen. She got embarrassed when the picture got out and created a terrible story.”

A comment posted on the Facebook page “Support the Boys” by the father of one of the male rapists reads:


In our social media driven world of instant mass communication the claim that victims only come forward after the photo gets out is fast becoming the new catchphrase for rape apologists.

Rape Apologist

Rape Apologist

A recent conviction for sexual assault here in Halifax resulted in a support group for the convicted man, Lyle Howe. They held a march with signs, chants of justice, and demands for a retrial. Predictably the groups Facebook page was filled with many of the often used victim blaming nonsense. The victim, according to supporters, is a “whore …a ditch pig …a slut …didn’t get what she wanted …a liar …had condoms” and on and on and on and God help us.

One of the supporters wrote he hopes the victim gets AIDS. Nice group.

The image to the left says it all. The Facebook support page went private when it became obvious the Howe supporters couldn’t stop the rape apologists from posting what most of them are obviously thinking.

It’s truly heartbreaking how lacking in compassion and decency some people can be.[su_divider] Edit:

Above I stated a Lyle Howe supporter wrote he hopes the victim gets AIDS. In response to that a comment, posted below, was made stating, “Noone [sic] said I hope she gets AIDS. That’s ridiculous. Our supporters discuss the whole’s [sic] in the Crown’s case and we are specifically against blaming the victim.”

To substantiate my post I am adding this screen capture from the Lyle Howe supporters page. The comments may have been removed but the people who made them are still members of the group. The Facebook page has also been made private following other call outs from local media outlets including the Chronicle Herald and Frank Magazine.

From the Justice for Lyle Howe Facebook Page

From the Justice for Lyle Howe Facebook Page

[su_divider] [su_quote]“You keep the title of ‘president’ even if you served only one term. The same goes for rapists.”
~ Christy Leigh Stewart[/su_quote]