//Blogger Fixes Victim-Blaming PSA

Blogger Fixes Victim-Blaming PSA

This post comes via Feministing.

A British blogger has helped adjust some old PSAs from a National Health Service campaign to encourage safer drinking. The original poster, which shows a woman lying on the ground laughing, says, “One in three reported rapes happens when the victim has been drinking.”

The blogger, Jessica Devonport, states, “The problem with that poster, and so many like it, is that by correlating the incidence of rape with the victim’s sobriety it implies that the victim was complicit in it by not doing everything in their power to avoid it. It reinforces and validates the belief that women are responsible for avoiding rape, and, therefore, responsible for anything that might happen, also. The onus is always placed on the woman to not get raped, rather than the man to not rape. This is victim blaming – apportioning the culpability between both the victim and the rapist, which is a huge part of rape culture (the acceptance and normalization of sexual violence within society, either overtly or through implicit attitudes and norms).”

With a Photoshop edit the PSA now reads, “Three in three reported rapes happens

[sic] when someone decides to commit rape.”
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