//For Rehtaeh

For Rehtaeh

You are so deeply loved and missed.


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  1. A Very Concerned Therapist from Canada November 26, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Dear Glen and Leah,

    I just want to say how deeply saddened I am for you both in the loss of your daughter. I cannot imagine what it has been like for both of you as parents to have been through this entire experience. Truthfully, I am absolutely horrified that this happened to her and when I see photos of your daughter, I am haunted by her story. Haunted, shocked, enraged, shaken, and disturbed and greatly disappointed. There are no words to describe the horror I felt when I first learned that your daughter was raped by four boys that she knew, that no one did anything to stop it while it was happening (when they had the power to do so), that these photos were taken and distributed around her school, and that she was tormented, shamed, bullied, and socially assassinated by these individuals and that they continued to threaten your family. Despite the evidence that those very same photos exist and illustrate exactly what happened, I find it unthinkable that there has been no justice. It is a great loss to all of us that this young woman suffered so greatly and horribly and that this pain eventually destroyed her and ended her life. It must take a great deal of strength and courage to come to terms with this and move forward in the powerful way that you are. You are to be commended.

    I am a therapist by trade and have worked with many young women who have been sexually assaulted, sometimes multiple times in their lives (this is why I am using a pseudonym on this public blog). In addition to this trauma, these young women would frequently be blamed by others (“blaming the victim”), bullied, not believed by police, and would often have family turn against them as a result. The courageous act of pressing charges against their attackers would often lead to the worst kind of bullying, which would often lead to depression and thoughts of suicide. For some of these young women, I was the only person who believed them and the only person they felt they could talk about what happened to them without being judged, shamed, and criticized. My office was the only safe place.

    As a Canadian, and as a young woman myself I am incredibly angry and disheartened with our justice system. It has failed all of us in allowing this to happen. It makes me furious because I believe that had this situation been handled differently by the school, the police, and the justice system, that your daughter would still be alive. The way they handled this (if you can even call it that) must have sent her the message that she was worthless. She must have felt so betrayed.

    This makes me very, very concerned about the future of our country and the emotional safety of young girls and women. Truthfully, it makes me want to do something. I haven’t decided what yet, but something needs to be done. I have posted articles on my Facebook about your daughter and I have noticed that many people will not even read or comment on the story. They don’t want to think about it, but it needs to be talked about. The reality of her injustice needs to be named and her name needs to be used. Rehtaeh Parsons.

    Holding her memory close to my heart and sending prayers and blessings your way.

  2. J November 13, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Glen, I am so sorry the system has failed your daughter so horribly. I can’t believe how blind the courts have become to victims of sexual assault, child pornography and criminal harassment. As a victim of child pornography by classmates myself (though not sexual assault), I cannot adequately express the rage and grief I feel over all of this. I am very grateful that there was no social media when I was victimized but it still drove me into years of suicidal depression and anxiety and depression that haunts me to this day.

    I received a stronger sentence for stealing some money out of an unlocked car when I was a stupid kid, a full two years younger than the subhuman garbage that dehumanized and essentially murdered your daughter. I got 120 hours of community service, a prolonged curfew, a full year of probation and that was with a guilty plea right away and I personally expressed my remorse myself and not through a lawyer.

    The judges and lawmakers in this country have become complicit in the out of control sexual violence in this country. I applaud your channeling this into speaking out publically against such despicable crimes. In your position I would not have such restraint and would like do something that would get me put away for a long time.

    Much respect and my deepest sympathies. I will never forget.

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