//Why Donate to Avalon Sexual Assault Centre

Why Donate to Avalon Sexual Assault Centre

If you live in the local Halifax area please consider a donation to the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre. If you live in another area your local Centre can use your help and donations.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″]Vision Statement
We aspire to a world in which individuals are empowered and mobilized to share responsibility in creating communities free from sexualized violence and abuse. We provide a leadership role in raising awareness, supporting those who have experienced sexualized violence, holding sexual perpetrators accountable, and influencing social and systemic change.

Mission Statement
Using a feminist lens* to analyze and respond to sexualized violence/abuse and other forms of oppression, we offer a continuum of specialized services, with an emphasis on support, counselling, education, immediate medical care, forensic evaluation, leadership, and advocacy. Our services are available to those affected by all forms of sexualized violence/abuse, their families, the general public, and other support/service providers.[/su_note]

Please consider a donation now!


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