“Hope is the thing with feathers…” said Emily D. Feathers are the best flyers in the whole wide world. ‪#‎Bellletstalk‬

[su_quote cite=”Jann Arden”]I have had many days in my life, where I have struggled to make sense of how I feel. My own room can feel like an ocean and my bed, nothing more than a tiny ship being tossed around like complete nothingness. I have experienced hundreds of hours in various states of worry and anxiety and hopelessness and doubtfulness and fear. ALL of these things are part of being a person. There is nothing more valuable to a human soul, than time spent going through one’s own mind and evaluating this thing called life. You’re not supposed to be happy every waking moment of every single day. You’re not a one sided- static entity, you are on the contrary, -a constantly moving-evolving, growing, expanding body of energy. There will always be growing pains. I think our souls are forever ‘out-growing’ our physical bodies and it hurts our hearts and heads. It’s bound to.

Being here is always going to be a conflict of sorts. We yearn for home, but are bound by earthly pleasures. It’s gonna be confusing a lot of the time. It is for me anyway. Depression can be managed. It can be put in a safe place, enabling a person to go forward with grace and even a lot of joy. It has to be managed though, and that’s the tricky part.

You have to keep that line of communication open with friends and family and professional ‘helpers’. Isolating one’s self is counter productive at some point. Yes, it’s great to be ‘alone’ and have a chance to learn about who you are and what makes you tick, but WE are social beings.

We need each other. We need that connection and that feeling of belonging, even if it’s a few days a week. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t lose faith.[/su_quote]