//Evening Fire

Evening Fire


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  1. merle48 February 9, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    This picture says it all. I have read about some of the issues you’ve been dealing with for a while now. You wrote: “Please comment. Let me know what you think. I can’t grow unless I’m challenged. I can’t heal without help.” I believe in this, however you must realize that both sides will be prompted to comment, which may cause some more despair. What you believe in and know—is for yourself, and outsiders can take every tweet, every blog post, every news report out of context as to fit what they want to believe. We are all liable to this human behavior, and each of us have our own agenda. I pride myself on being blessed with a lot of empathy for others, and I really feel your heartache as much as possible for someone who has not experienced such anguish, yet I can with hesitance, imagine somewhat since I have children of my own. Some people’s agendas involve searching for that “momentous” affirmation that can link you (or anyone) to their “personal gone public” controversies. WHY they feel it necessary to affiliate you and then turn you into a mascot for their “revolt” could be connected to being able to create public shock waves and in turn receive the accolades they all dream of. I will not endorse any kind of cultism as I believe it can lead to raging mania as you’ve seen, and that goes for any group. I won’t give someone as you tons of my own advice which probably only benefits me, but I ask you to step back for a moment and assess the entire picture. I pray that you can return to what is truly important for you and your beliefs in the “cause” you have taken up for your daughter. There will always be people who have the need to butt in, and it’s oh so easy on the internet. Return to your truth.

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