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I filed a report with the military police in Halifax October 6, 2014, after comments were left on my web site. I tracked the IP to a DND server and passed that information along hoping they could ID the person and help stop those comments from being made and/or hold the person violating DND Internet policy accountable. Being ex-military I felt they could as they don’t have to follow the same procedures civilian police do.

The person commenting ID’d two young people close to Rehtaeh so it made sense they knew something about the case that was never made public.

I knew nothing of the Wikipedia edits until the Ottawa Citizen reported on them. I didn’t file any complaints about the edits but did send the article to the officer I spoke with in October.

Yesterday morning a Halifax military police officer called and told me that had made an arrest related to my complaint and the Wikipedia edits and I was told his name.

Sadly he can’t be named to protect the identity of his son. Isn’t that just perfect!

Comments from October 3, 2014

Comments from October

And please, for God’s sake someone cue Christie Blatchford to come back and interview the poor man so his side of the story can be told and the trolls can have something else to clap about.