//Cyber-hate is no joke

Cyber-hate is no joke

[su_quote cite=”Mean Tweet”]No one likes you. Do everyone a favor. Just kill yourself.[/su_quote]
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We never expected that our video ‘Kids Read Mean Tweets’ would gain the momentum that it has! As of today, the video has been viewed 1.5 million times on Youtube! We are thrilled that the video is being shared, because this means more and more people are hearing the message; Cyberbullying is no joke. We hope that this message is resonating with everyone who watches it. Cyberbullying is truly an epidemic that effects so many young people everyday. In watching this video, we urge young people to stand up for those that are dealing with cyberbullying, instead of laughing at it. Witnessing cyberbullying and not saying anything makes you a bystander, and it can be just as hurtful to the person being bullied.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who has watched the video, shared the video, or written about it. Below you will find a collection of press we have received about the Kids Read Mean Tweets video.

~ Canadian Safe Schools Network

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