This morning I got to wake up to yet another wonderful comment about rape from an angry man. I swear there are people out there who believe the only rapes that have ever occurred in Canada are the ones that ended in a guilty verdict. Everyone else was lying.

[su_quote cite=”Bill Giamou”]Probably one of the worst campaign ever! Horse Face McWhinney…I want my tax dollars refunded please! The “Rape Industry” is alive and well in Ontario. Men are routinely charged with sexual assault by women who lie and are coached by doofus police departments every day! I have asked politicians, lawyers, reporters, police officers and supposed “victims” to challenge me on this topic….guess what? No response.[/su_quote]

I read this story yesterday on Huffington Post yesterday- Students Arrested Over Sexual Attack On Florida Beach.

Below are some of the comments left on that article. I don’t get it. How can people be so willing to keep blaming victims given what we know about the statistics and how rape is investigated by the police?

Is it any wonder 90% of sex assault victims stay silent.


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