//‘Allegedly’ – The Rape Culture Doc

‘Allegedly’ – The Rape Culture Doc

[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#006699″] [su_quote cite=”Tessa Hill And Lia Valente”]The two of us believed strongly that in order to change the rape culture that surrounds us, we needed to create a culture where consent was prominent.[/su_quote]
Tessa Hill and Lia Valente

Tessa Hill and Lia Valente

Two amazing grade 8 students in Ontario, Tessa Hill and Lia Valente, have gathered 40,916 signatures on a petition asking “to get the topic of consent in …schools.” Their We Give Consent campaign has been a huge success and it’s so inspiring to see youth take on a topic that has been left out of schools for so long. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne even tweeted her support.

Their story and the online premiere of their documentary is now available on Huffington Post. The film they made, titled simply Allegedly, takes on “the issue of rape culture in our society, say the students. “We began making the film as a school project for our media studies class at City View Alternative Senior School in Toronto, but it turned into much more.”

Rehtaeh is talked about in the film along with the very similar case out of Steubenville, Ohio.

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