Last week I met with Crown Attorney Eric Taylor and we went over the death threat case that was to begin today. The threats were made on my YouTube channel in August, 2013. At the time I took the threats seriously enough to contact the Halifax police and file a report. This is the threat made by YouTube user iamkarma902:


If you check user iamkarma902 you’ll see his account “has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.” Obviously.

The problem with any kind of complaint made regarding digital media platforms is the difficultly proving who actually was at the keyboard when it happened. I understand that. In this case it was one of three people but impossible to know exactly which one. The IP address came back to the right house but the post came from whom exactly? Not an easy thing to prove.

On one hand it could have been the male in the photo giving a thumbs up and smiling as he rapes Rehtaeh. It was his YouTube account the threat was associated with and the IP went to his house, but was he the one who typed it? Maybe? Maybe not?

It could have been him, or it could have been his father. Dad also has a YouTube account and like his son he uses it to plaster filth about Rehtaeh every chance he gets. It’s usually the same post over and over – “she was’t raped… she lied.” He posted it on the Facebook page that was created to support the males who raped Rehtaeh and he says the same crap on YouTube.


He’s also the the Canadian Forces member who used a DND computer to edit the WikiPedia page about Rehtaeh and change my words to make it seem like I thought his son was having consensual sex with Rae instead of raping her.

Bad, but not as bad as the comments he left on the site of sexual assault advocate and prevention educator Julie LaLonde who wrote about Rehtaeh and for her effort received, in part, this comment from the same IP as the death threat:


Yes, that’s the kid’s father. He’s written similar crap on my site using either the same home computer or a DND computer located at CFB Shearwater (my old base). His comments read, “…(Rehtaeh) was sick after her 3-some” and “Buyer’s remorse? caught in the act, simply doing what she loved and was embarassed that more people would find out what kind of person she was turning out to be?”

Yeah, Rehtaeh is the one who should have been embarrassed in all this.

When her name was banned from publication we started a social media campaign “Rehtaeh Parsons is her name” in an attempt to pressure the government and get the ban lifted. In the end it was successful but that didn’t stop “wonder dad” here from posting this on Facebook:

02jun15-threat04rape culture and misogyny.

So it might have been “mini-me” (the son), or it might have been the father. I would say 50/50 but it unfortunately the malice doesn’t end there.

Following Rehtaeh’s death the older sister of “smilie” in the photo showed up to add her name to the ever growing list of tormentors. She started the Facebook page “Support the Boys” (a page that actually outed their names) as well as the “Rehtaehded Parsons” page. She was also behind the campaign to plaster posters all over Halifax that essentially called Rehtaeh a liar. The sister posted some of them in front of Rehtaeh’s home just to make sure everyone knew she was raised by the same man who raised the rapist.


Today the charges were dropped and to be honest I couldn’t sit in a courtroom and say it was the son, the father, or the name-dropping sister who wrote that death threat. I do know it wasn’t the mother who didn’t even know her son was being investigated until the police told her they closed the case and she wondered, as we did, “what case?

Today the judge placed him on a one-year peace bond that restricts him from having any contact with me or Rehtaeh’s mom. I’m not sure if that covers his dad or sister. I hope so but I doubt it.

If he breaks it who would know either way?

One of Rehtaeh’s friends recently told us she ran into “him” in a bar downtown. He stared at her until she felt so unsafe she asked a doorman for help. But he’s out there, hanging around bars in Halifax, leering at women, his identity fully protected so he can get on with what he intends to do next.