//“Go to Africa to see a real rape culture…”

“Go to Africa to see a real rape culture…”

[su_quote cite=”Lauren Southern”] My sign means that there is not a rape culture,” she says. “Rapists go to prison here. Rapists are actually hated here. Rapists are fired from their jobs. Men who make rape jokes are fired from their jobs. Go to Africa and you’ll see a real rape culture![/su_quote]
Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern

This is coming from the far end of the #wtf and #youcantmakethisshitup files. Libertarian Party of Canada candiate Lauren Southern interrupted Slut Walk Vancouver proclaimed to the gathering of sexual violence survivors and supporters that, “There is no rape culture in the west,” and if people want to see rape culture, “they need to they need to go to Africa …”.

The event was opportunity for survivors and supporters to share stories and show support to each other and the many voices who remain silent for fear of being blamed or not believed at all. To stand amongst them and claim – “Rapists go to jail here” – was an asshole move.

Southern is claiming what about all the sexual assaults that happen in Canada (both reported and not) that never get to court? That those victims weren’t really assaulted? That they are lying? What happened to them wasn’t a “legitimate” rape? That everyone who has ever raped was held accountable for it?

The Libertarian candidate is now upset and claims she is “…astonished and disgusted that people are knowingly lying and trying to ruin my character because I disagree with them and I respect the right to an opinion and believe you should be able to try it.”

For the record – most rapists do NOT go to jail in Canada. Most don’t even get reported to the police.

Slut-Walk was started after a police officer told women if they didn’t want to be raped don’t dress like sluts. Following his comments a small group of people in Toronto kicked off what became a global movement by challenging harmful, victim-blaming language.

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