//Bill C-32 Victims Bill of Rights Act

Bill C-32 Victims Bill of Rights Act

[su_quote cite=”Justice Minister Peter MacKay”]Today I was proud to announce that the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights is now in force. Our Government is extremely proud of this new piece of legislation that was informed by Canadians across the country, in particular, victims of crime.[/su_quote]

27jul15_c32Last week Bill C-32 became law in Canada. One of the Bills more meaningful measures is that it will “eliminate sentencing discounts for child sex offenders who commit crimes against multiple children.” A provision long past due.

A film screened at HotDocs in Toronto this past spring, Survivors Rowe told the story of just such an sickening injustice in sentencing. For almost two decades, Anglican minister Ralph Rowe sexually abused children on reserves across Northern Ontario. The film tells the story of three Anishinaabe men who courageously came forward to share their stories of abuse and their journey to healing.

Ralph Rowe, 75, who was convicted of nearly 60 sex crimes on Ontario First Nations communities, served less than five years in jail. His sickening campaign of misery includes many cases of children ending their lives from the mental health issues he infected them with. It’s estimated Rowe molested and raped up to 500 children. Less than five years for destroying 500 lives.

[su_quote cite=”Jason Anderson”]All I wanted was for him to be in prison. That’s the only reason I came out because I heard he was only getting a five-year sentence and I thought, ‘That’s BS.'[/su_quote]

I was honoured when I had the chance to met two of the men featured in the film – Joshua Frog and John Fox. If you get a chance to see the movie Survivors Rowe please go. There is a lot of strength in it.

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