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Memory Stones

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After the first anniversary of Rehtaeh’s death her mom, Leah Parsons, started a memory stone project. She paints stones with Rehtaeh’s name on them and asks people to place them wherever they choose as a way to spread the message about sexual violence and as a way to remember our daughter. Since the first stone was placed I’ve been amazed at how far and wide they have gone.

Germany, Iceland, France, the Alps, Thailand, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Poland, Bosnia, China, England, Easter Island, Cambodia, all across America and Canada, …. It’s been a tremendous way to remember her.

We were in Ecuador for the past couple weeks and left one at the Amaru animal sanctuary. We left it close to some fellow primates and it wasn’t long before they picked it up and started passing it around. They all seemed to have a turn checking it out to see what it was before finally leaving it to rest below a tree.

Rehtaeh would have loved it.

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Left in Ecuador near Cuenca – July 2015.


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