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[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#006699″] [su_quote cite=”Murray D. Segal, LLB, BCL”]Whatever aspect of justice was salvaged, it came much too late. Too late for a child in distress, who had to wait close to a year for the police investigation to offer her answers. Too late for someone who never got to see justice being served, because the justice system’s initial response to her complaint was an unjustified ‘no.’

Rehtaeh’s parents understandably feel devastated by the loss of Rehtaeh. They have often expressed their hope that, for the next young person, the justice system will do better. That promise to Rehtaeh has guided this report.[/su_quote]

I am very grateful for the work done by Murray Segal and his co-counsel Christine Mainville. This was not an easy task and their dedication reflected the kindness and professionalism they extended to us during the review process.

I’m also appreciative that the Halifax Police Department has already gone a long way to address some of the issues and shortcomings Segal mentions in his report. It’s good to know they strive to improve when they know an issue has adversely impacted someone’s sense of justice. Having served in the Royal Canadian Navy and lost people I was close to I know well that change following tragedy is a sad and often unavoidable reality.

When we know better, we do better.

Barely five days after Rehtaeh died I read online the words of a local writer whose very first sentence was, “What if the cops and prosecutors were right?” That sentiment has been a constant struggle we’ve had to deal with and now we can ponder the “what if’s” ourselves.

What if they had gotten it right? What if the criminal justice system left our daughter feeling validated and believed right from the start?

For now we’re going over the contents of the report and letting it sink in.

I feel relieved this chapter is finally over.

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