“It is staggering how often we hear lies about the prevalence of sexual assault in our society. Too often language is employed to cast doubt on the veracity of a survivor’s account, and unsubstantiated statistics are pulled out that suggest sexual assault is not a problem in our country.

“When we talk about the way a woman dresses, her job, how much she had to drink — these are excuses. These are excuses that our society uses to explain away tragedies. They are employed to explain why our country has so many missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and they are used to explain why sexual assault happens.

“The reality is that these excuses are symptoms of our bigger problems — and that’s dangerous, …”

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on why Sexual Violence And Harassment Is Never Okay.

For the past two days I attended the 2015 Summit on Sexual Violence and Harassment in Toronto, Ontario. It was an incredible experience.

Change is coming!

Then I speak to youth about sexual violence you can literally feel the change in the room the the word rape is used instead of the word sex. To say “four young men had sex with Rehtaeh Parsons” has a much different meaning when it’s stated that “four young men raped Rehtaeh Parsons.”

Sexual violence needs to have the sugar coating removed when we talk to youth. Some young men might think it’s a cool thing to have “sex” with drunk girls at parties, but to call what they’re doing rape changes everything – especially their attitude!

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