//2015: Visitors to glencanning.com

2015: Visitors to glencanning.com

In 2015, people from 165 countries paid a visit to glencanning.com. Not bad considering there are 196 countries in the world.

The top two referring sites were:

  1. facebook.com
  2. twitter.com

My most viewed posts were:

  1. The Rape of Rehtaeh Parsons
  2. Open winmail.dat files on a Mac
  3. Fixing the language of rape culture
  4. Death threat charges dropped
  5. Rehtaeh Parsons, Photography, and Glen Canning

The busiest day of the year for me was January 20th with 3,093 views. In 2015, there were 138 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 573 posts. I’m going to post much more in 2016. That’s the goal at least.

Thank you for visiting my site and helping me keep the memory of my daughter Rehtaeh alive. It was a hard year but I’m hoping for better things in 2016.

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