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Making a Murderer

If your one of the few people left who still believes criminal trials are about finding and exposing the truth you need to watch the new Netflix series Making a Murderer. There are ten episodes in all and each one reveals the cold hard facts about crime and those we entrust with enforcing it and holding people accountable. The movie is disappointing as hell and as infuriating as the West Memphis Three.

There’s no easy way to write about Making a MurdererWhat could possibly be more corrupt than police officers creating evidence to frame an innocent man simply because they don’t like him while a rapist walks free to rape again and again? In a nutshell that’s the story of Steven Avery – told twice in the ten-year-in-the-making documentary film.

In the first part of the story we see how the Wisconsin Justice Department is responsible for God knows how many women being raped while an innocent man rots in jail for 18 years and in the second part of the story that very same system, and unbelievably the same corrupt cops, do whatever it takes so a still unknown murderer can walk free.

Caught up in this mess is Brendan Dassey, an obviously “compromised” 16 year-old boy who has the misfortune of ending up with what has to be the worst lawyer in America – Len Kachinsky. Brendan will spent the rest of his life in jail for a crime he had nothing to do with after Kachinsky sells him out for publicity, smirks, and giggles.

Making a Murderer is one of those films you pray will bring about something positive but after seeing just how deep the corruption goes you loose faith it can possibly ever fix itself.

Wisconsin should be ashamed for allowing this to happen – twice – and for being so indifferent towards a justice department that reflects a fundamentalist court in the third world more than is does a civilized balance of justice and a search for the truth.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think this story is an anomaly? Or that lawyers and prosecutors cared more about getting to the truth than they do about winning at all co$t$?

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  1. Kathleen January 4, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    I just finished all 10 episodes .. now i’m hooked. I can’t help but want to publicly support Steven Avery and is nephew. But at the same time, if they didn’t do it.. who did? I hope this documentary brings enough publicity to this case that they’re pressured to the point of re-opening it and finally get to the bottom of who really did it. Even if it does end up being Steven Avery and his nephew.

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