“I am done engaging with anyone trying to justify, rationalize or otherwise spin the issue of consent. Consent doesn’t need a context. Consent just IS. Consent is the only thing and it’s everything. If you don’t agree with that you are wrong. Also, shut the fuck up.

“I am done with anyone railing against the anonymity of the women. What do we all know about ‘He said / She said’? That it’s a myth. It’s never ‘He said / She said’. Never. It’s always ‘He said / ‘She’s lying!’ or ‘He said / She asked for it!’ or ‘He said / She should have known better!’ Etc. Yeah, done.”

Canadian comedian Elvira Kurt has added her voice to the chorus against Jian Ghomeshi.

Source: Q weekly guest Elvira Kurt posts rant about Ghomeshi scandal | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly