//Overhaul sexual consent laws: Canning

Overhaul sexual consent laws: Canning

And today a Nova Scotia judge found another man not guilty of sexual assault against a fifteen year-old girl and went so far as to wish him a happy birthday.

The girl testified at trial that in April 2014 Doreze Beals and a co-accused, Andre Jerome Gray, held her against her will in a cellar, sexually assaulted her and threatened to force her to work as a prostitute in Ontario.

“I’m wondering how this girl must have felt to be told by the justice system and a judge that, while she didn’t consent, he gets a pass because he doesn’t know boundaries,” said Canning.

The acquittal of a Yarmouth man charged with sexually assaulting another student at Acadia University has left sexual rights and consent advocate Glen Canning disappointed.

Source: Overhaul sexual consent laws: Canning | The Chronicle Herald

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