Going by the messages I’ve received in the past couple of days it’s obvious the documentary about Rehtaeh played in Australia. I’m glad to see it’s getting air time all over the world and is having an impact on a lot of people.

Thank you to all the people in Australia who have written me messages of support and condolences. I hope Rehtaeh’s movie helps create some positive change in the lives of everyone who watches it.

No Place to Hide: The Rehtaeh Parsons Story

When Rehtaeh Parsons was 15 years old, she went to a party that would define her remaining teenage years. She was sexually attacked and had no memory of it, until photographic evidence spread through social media. The resulting humiliation and bullying the Nova Scotia teen received led to her tragic suicide less than two years later. News of her death reverberated worldwide, a stunning demonstration of the power of images and social networks to amplify the extent of rape culture and effects of depression. Now, her parents and those who knew her reassemble the pieces of Parsons’s life in their courageous quest to make accountable the systems that failed to protect her. With the support of Anonymous, an online campaign and public pressure, they forced the Nova Scotian government and RCMP to address the case and bring the perpetrators to justice. Parsons’s story epitomizes the immense capacity of new tools in these nascent years of social networking.

Facebook – No Place To Hide: The Rehtaeh Parsons Story

Director(s): Rama Rau
Producer(s): Rama Rau
Editor(s): Nick Wilson
Writer(s): Rama Rau
Cinematographer(s): Nick Wilson
Composer(s): Alex Khaskin
Paul Pfisterer
Sound: Nick Wilson



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