Three years ago today was the last time I saw my daughter Rehtaeh alive. She needed a drive home from a counselling appointment. I picked her up at 9 PM and she told me right away how much she liked the appointment. It was hard on her to go over everything that had happened so finding a counsellor she clicked with was good news.

We talked all the way home. She told me about her boyfriend, her job search, her sisters and her mom, school, and religion. That was the thing about Rae – she had a very inquisitive mind.

Having her appointment in a church got her wondering about God and faith. She told me she didn’t feel God was there for her.

I dropped her off at her moms and when I did she leaned over and gave me a strong hug and a kiss on my cheek. I told her I loved her and her last words to me were, “I love you, Dad.”

She gave me a look just as she got out of the car and I have it burned in my memory.

It feels like yesterday.