//April 4 – #OpJustice4Rehtaeh #Suicide #MentalHealth

April 4 – #OpJustice4Rehtaeh #Suicide #MentalHealth

Three years ago today I wondered if I should call Rehtaeh. I had just spoken to her the night before and she seemed to be doing much better than she usually was. She was open and talkative and shared things with me as if that night never happened. It was the old Rehtaeh once more. I felt good after I dropped her off at her moms. I felt like she was going to be fine and that she was going make it.

I remember so well that one thought I had three years ago. Just call. Just to see how she was doing.

I didn’t… and I don’t know why.

I will never know if it would have mattered and I’m haunted by what the answer might be. Maybe it could have delayed her death, and maybe it could have prevented it. We talked so much on the phone when we weren’t with each other. And now a phone call I never made will always be there.

Today, if you know someone who might be hurting, can you please call them and tell them you love them and you need them and you want them around for along time.

It’s important. If I was you and your situation was like mine – I’d scream it.

“A thousand words won’t bring you back,

I know because I’ve tried.

Neither will a million tears.

I know because I’ve cried.”

~ Author Unknown

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