//Nova Scotia funds consent education for young men

Nova Scotia funds consent education for young men

I’m in Mexico and just read this announcement from the Nova Scotia Government. I am beyond happy about this.

Nova Scotia is funding new programs to teach young men about consent and “positive masculinity,” in a bid to address the causes of sexual violence rather than just its aftermath

“Our youth, male and female both, felt there was a need to educate young boys,” Juliana Julian, health director of Paqtnkek Mi’kmaq Nation, said Monday.

“We were talking about consent but we were missing half of population.”

Inspired by Rehtaeh Parsons story

Nova Scotia’s strategy is in part a response to the 2013 death of Rehtaeh Parsons, who was taken off life-support after attempting suicide. Her case attracted national attention when her family alleged she had been sexually assaulted and then repeatedly bullied online after a digital photo of the alleged assault was shared among students at school.

The initiative also follows the Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi scandals, which sparked a conversation across North America about consent and sexual violence.

Article from CBC Nova Scotia.

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