//Finally, Good News for Carol Todd #AmandaTodd

Finally, Good News for Carol Todd #AmandaTodd

Carol Todd, the mother of British Columbia teenager Amanda Todd, may finally have some justice. One of the men who tormented Amanda to death can be brought to Canada to face charges after an Amsterdam court approved his extradition.

Aydin Coban has to face charges in the Netherlands for sexual assault and the extortion of 39 other victims before he can be sent to Canada. In Canada, Coban faces five charges connected to Amanda’s case, including extortion, possession of child pornography and attempting to lure a child online.

I’m hopeful this will proceed in Canada. It will be a powerful case that can go a long way in showing pedophiles, predators, and online abusers will be held accountable for their actions.

Carol Todd is an amazing woman who has shown a tremendous amount of grace and patience. Amanda’s case has been very discouraging so I hope this news brings her some hope and a little happiness.

A man suspected of cyberbullying B.C. teen Amanda Todd before she took her own life can be extradited, a Dutch court ruled following a hearing today in Amsterdam.

But, the court said, Aydin Coban must first stand trial in the Netherlands, where he faces 72 charges not related to Todd, including blackmail and the production and distribution of child pornography.

Authorities in Canada want Coban, 38, brought to Canada to face five charges in connection with Todd’s death.

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