//Remembering #JamieHubley #mentalhealth

Remembering #JamieHubley #mentalhealth

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Jamie Hubley’s death. Jamie’s family is very much on my mind. I hope they can find a memory to smile about today, and everyday.

The following was written by a young man inspired by Jamie. He is one of many.

On this very day. Five years ago. I walked into the library at my highschool to finish some homework during my spare. I was handed a newspaper article from our librarian with big black lettering, the title was “Ottawa Teen Committed Suicide”. On this very day I learned about a boy named #JamieHubley. After going through so much in high school myself. I remember reading this story as if it was me. Jamie, you’ll always be remembered as a unicorn. I started speaking up for people just like you. I used to be voiceless but I started speaking for the voiceless and sharing my story which surprised my friends and family because I kept silent for years of my #MentalHealth of suffering with depression, anxiety and trying to take my life many many years ago. I want anyone who is reading this to know it will get better. I was told that I’d never be anything in life and I took those words from others and made something of myself. I’m the person I am today for taking my negative situation and turning it into a positive. If I can do it, you can too. #StayStrong

~ Justin Preston


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