Dispatches from Cyberspace

Dispatches from Cyberspace is my attempt to write more by writing less. Just my random thoughts about recent events, my life, and my much loved and missed daughter ~ Rehtaeh heart_16

America Elects Donald J. Trump

I don’t even know what to say about a man who can attain a country’s highest office despite numerous women accusing him of abuse, harassment, and rape. What does it say to those women, and abused people everywhere, when his public threats of revenge against them were met with cheers?

Watching the American election unfold, I couldn’t help but think of an old Filipino fishing story about crabs in a basket. Put a bunch of crabs in a basket and they’ll all try to climb out. The problem is if one crab attempts to escape from the basket, the others will grab it and pull it back down rather than allowing it to get free. It’s so noticeable the Filipino crab fisherman don’t even have to put lids on and at the end of the day all the crabs are there, fighting each other at the bottom.

It’s going to take America forever to climb out of that basket.

Julian Assange

Information is power and now we know what Julian Assange is in it for. Abusive men stick together.

What I’m Reading

17nov16_hatersHaters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online

by Bailey Poland

Using current events and the latest available research into cybersexism, Bailey Poland questions the motivations behind cybersexist activities and explores methods to reduce footprints of Internet misogyny, drawing parallels between online and offline abuse. By exploring the cases of Alyssa Funke, Rehtaeh Parsons, Audrie Pott, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and others, and her personal experiences with sexism, Poland develops a compelling method of combating sexism online. The above link goes to Amazon.

Rehtaeh at the Cadillac Ranch

The Cadillac Ranch is located along Route 66 between Alanreed and Glenrio, Texas. My brother Jim and his wife Shari have left Rehtaeh’s name in a few places during their trip across America. People have been leaving names on the cars since the artwork was created in 1974.

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