Jordon Veira’s Medical Fund

Jordan is one of the first people I met after we moved to Toronto. He’s an amazing young man with an incredibly important future ahead of him. He’s the kind of man you want next door, at work, in school, on the bus, and as a friend. You would love him as your son, your brother, and your friend.

Right now, Jordan needs our help to get over a rough spot along his path. Please go the GoFundMe page, put in whatever you can (even $10), and spread some love and kindness to a guy who really deserves and needs it.

Thank you and please share!

Jordon Veira is battling Invasive Fungal Sinusitis. This is the most dangerous and life threatening form of fungal sinusitis. The disease has an aggressive course, with fungis rapidly growing, though sinus tissue and bone to extend into the surrounding areas of the brain and eyes. He is scheduled to undergo surgery December 1st 2016.

I’ve decided to create this opportunity for people all over the world to financially help Jordon. He is a young man who has devoted his career and life to serving his community through the arts. In order for him to continue doing the amazing work he does we must come together and support him.

Funds will be allocated to Jordon’s expenses and bills so he can take the appropriate time to recover before he gets back to work. He is currently paying for all his medications out of pocket.

Jordan’s Family

Jordan’s GoFundMe Page
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