Sad news in #Halifax #endthestigma #mentalhealth

This morning I read the story of a young Halifax woman who had a mental health crisis and her experience at the hands of the Halifax police.

For those negatively commenting on her story, either on Facebook or other social media websites:

  • Please don’t.
  • You are not playing “devils advocate” to a person in a crisis. You’re playing the devil.
  • Judging a person in an obvious crisis while supporting the police is not a good look for anybody. You can support the police without doing that.
  • If you want to support the police in Halifax the best thing you can do is demand the Government of Nova Scotia provide more resources and help to those living with mental health issues. 63% of us know someone who is.
  • 58% of those living with mental illness say the stigma is as damaging or harder to deal with than the illness itself. If you don’t think her story “adds up” or “makes sense” try understanding what makes sense and adds up to her before you say something.

Nova Scotia has a free Mental Health First Aid course. It’s 12 hours long and covers a great deal of information about mental health and how to respond to someone in need of help. I hope you sign up.

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