Voices For Equity Launches ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™Œ

I’m incredibly happy to be part of this important speakers initiative. Conceived by internationally recognized speaker Julie S. Lalonde, Voices for Equity is a collaboration with violence prevention speaker Kevin Vowles.
V4E represents speakers with “diverse backgrounds, extensive knowledge, rich personal narratives and the capacity to connect with a wide range of audiences.” Many of our speakers are survivors of violence and they’re willing to share their experiences to help you create safer spaces. So far we have eight amazing speakers listed in a “one-stop-shop for organizations and schools looking to book the right speaker. For us as speakers, we were seeking a gathering place to come together in order to share our vision of equity and justice.

You can also check out the blog to see what’s happening. โ€‹I’m hoping to write some posts in the future so check the site for updates.

If you’d like to book me or any of the other speakers listed for a talk, you can inquire here.

On a side note, I took time for myself recently. Just started to feel overwhelmed and ended up not being able to do a whole lot. I spoke with the Ottawa 67’s hockey team last month and will be in Ottawa next month for the ManUp Conference.

It feels good to get back on my feet, at least as much as I can be. I’m hoping to do more writing as well.

Outside of the Shadows: A Project on Criminal Harassment in Canada

[CONTENT WARNING: This video includes graphic descriptions of stalking. Please exercise self-care]

Content by Julie S. Lalonde
Animation by Ambivalently Yours

Ran into some Storm Troopers last week and nerded right out.

If you find yourself in a bad place please reach out to a safe person. If you know someone who could use a listener, let them know you’reย there.

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