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Yesterday it was a full house at Ottawa’s City Hall for the 2018 ManUp Conference. It was an honour to be there and meet the young men who are tackling issues around gender based violence.

This years event was hosted by TSN’s Ian Mendes and we discussed men’s objectification of women and non-violent intervention strategies. It was great to have former professional Canadian football defensive tackle Moton Hopkins share his thoughts on the duty men have to use their skills to make our communities safer and better.

I was asked at the close if I could leave the young guys in attendance a message of inspiration and all I could think of was, “Don’t let this go. This program will make a difference.” I wish we always had programs in our schools like this. I could have used it when I was young. It could have saved my daughters life.

We all need to support this.

You can learn more about ManUp on their website: Minds On Men

“What an inspiring group of young men. So happy to welcome high school students from across Ottawa taking part in ‘Man Up’ a leadership program dedicated to the elimination of gender based violence in Ottawa.”

Mayor of Ottawa / Le maire d’Ottawa Jim Watson

CBC Radio’s Alan Neal interviews members of the 2018 ManUp Inspire Conference in Ottawa – Apr 26, 2018

TSN’s Ian Mendes, yours truly, former professional Canadian football defensive tackle Moton Hopkins, and ManUp member Aidan Hayte

If you find yourself in a bad place please reach out to a safe person. If you know someone who could use a listener, let them know you’re there.

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