Northlands Victim Blames a Child for Being Sexually Assaulted

Blaming a 13 year old girl for being sexually assaulted by one of your employees on your property while your other employees watched and did nothing as he carry her partially clothed unconscious body to a ditch is unforgivable.

What law firm did Northlands hire and how could they possibly think a defence like this would be in their clients interests?

Edmonton Police investigated the case but concluded there wasn’t ‘enough evidence’ to lay charges despite multiple witnesses seeing him and health-care workers finding evidence she was sexually assaulted at the hospital.

Not enough evidence? How the hell does this happen?

(Edmonton Journal) In a statement of claim filed in August with the Court of Queen’s Bench, the woman said a midway employee working at a ticket booth invited her and a friend to meet him after work. After leaving the fair grounds to buy vodka, the man took the girls to a staff-only area on the Northlands grounds where he told a security guard he was bringing the girls to “party,” the claim says.

The woman said she became inebriated drinking vodka in a parked semi-trailer and went to lie down in the back of the semi cab. She remembers the man on top of her and removing her pants.

The claim says employees of both Northlands and the midway saw the man carry the unconscious girl outside and leave her in a ditch on Northlands property. Someone found her at around 3 a.m., partially dressed and without underwear, it said.

She was treated in hospital for alcohol poisoning, where health-care workers found evidence she was sexually assaulted, the claim said.

Here’s a few Tweets from shitty people who defend men who rape children.

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