Before and After #MeToo in #Canada

A recent survey by Statistics Canada conducted on the widespread #MeToo social media movement found that police-reported sexual assaults in Canada increased sharply and attests to the willingness of victims to report to police if they believe there is an environment of support.

On a national level, Statistics Canada noted a 13 per cent increase in police-reported cases of sexual assault between 2016 and 2017. It linked the increase in reports to both the #MeToo Movement and to the Globe & Mail’s Unfounded investigation. Published in February 2017, the investigation revealed that police dismiss 1 in 5 claims of sexual assault as baseless. Since its publication, police services across Canada have begun to implement reforms, and unfounded rates have dropped.

If you find yourself in a bad place please reach out to a safe person. If you know someone who could use a listener, let them know you’re there.

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