//Online Abusers, Trolls, and Harrassers
Online Abusers, Trolls, and Harrassers 2016-10-21T21:42:37+00:00

This page is to document the online abuse Rehtaeh, myself, and her family has been subject to both before and after her death. There are some people who follow the story simply to make an ignorant comment or attempt to add to our grief, God only knows why.

Some of the following screen captures are very offensive and contain victim blaming, rape culture, misogyny, and outright slander. I have not edited out any names unless there is a legal reason to do so (people involved in the case or underage). Some names may be fake accounts.

John Patrick Doran aka ‘Mad Shangi’

Doran is an especially pathetic men’s rights activist living in Calgary, Alberta.

The Westboro Baptist Church responded after

Rehtaeh’s death a kind of hate only they understand.

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