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This page is to document the online abuse Rehtaeh, myself, and her family has been subject to both before and after her death. There are some people who follow the story simply to make an ignorant comment or attempt to add to our grief, God only knows why.

Patrick John Doran is one such person. Doran lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Name: Patrick John Doran aka Mad Shangi
Work: Dafco Filtration Group
Calgary Facility (although I’ve seen him in Toronto so he may be working at Dafco’s Mississauga plant.

Glen Canning: Exploiter of Rehtaeh Parsons
Originally published by themadshangi on May 17, 2015:

Some time ago, Nova Scotia teenager Rehtaeh Parsons took her own life by hanging. In the wake of her death, a Facebook campaign lead by Rehtaeh’s parents alleged that she was gang raped at a party by four boys. The feminist media turned this one-sided story into a feeding frenzy. There was public outcry, calling for the jobs of the RCMP officers in charge of the alleged rape investigation. Soon, a second investigation was started after public pressure and the meddling of hacker group Anonymous. Then, after all the noise, the second investigation yielded no charges of rape. Instead, two unnamed boys (who could not be identified under the Young Offender’s Act in Canada because they were minors at the time) were charged with producing child pornography after snapping a picture of Rehtaeh hanging out of a window, naked from the waist down, with another boy giving the “thumbs up.” More facts would come to light; Christie Blatchford reported that there was a young female witness that described that Rehtaeh naked on a bed, flirting with two boys. That she was going room to room fucking people’s brains out. She also reported that one of the boys being accused by Anonymous as being one of Rehtaeh Parson’s so-called“rapists” wasn’t even at the fucking party. For her showing integrity as a journalist and doing actual reporting, she was met with the slings and arrows of fellow journalists accusing her of “victim blaming” and supporting “rape culture.”

Posted by Patrick Doran at 16:09 3 January 2018

John Patrick Doran aka ‘Mad Shangi’

Doran is an especially pathetic men’s rights activist living in Calgary, Alberta.

The Westboro Baptist Church responded after

Rehtaeh’s death a kind of hate only they understand.

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