It’s Called Mélancolie

I can’t imagine any other image that could make someone understand what it feels like. The quite emptiness, the void, the weight of this eternal sadness. This sculpture is simply called Mélancolie. It was created by Romanian artist Albert Gyorgy and is located in Geneva, Switzerland. If you find yourself in a bad place please reach [...]

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Open Letter to Doug Ford by Rayne Fisher-Quann

Head Organizer Rayne Fisher-Quann's speech at the March for Our Education rally in Toronto, 21 July 2018. Please give her a follow and say thanks - Rayne on Twitter. "Hey everyone!! As some of you know, yesterday was the March for Our Education protest. I can't express enough how incredible of an experience it was for me, and how amazing it [...]

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CBC Radio Interview with Katie Simpson #SexEdSavesLives

This is an interview I did (13 July 2018) with CBC's Katie Simpson regarding Doug Ford's plan to scrap Ontario's sex-ed curriculum. "Rehtaeh Parsons's father, Glen Canning, explains why he strongly disagrees with the Ontario government's decision to scrap its modernized sex education curriculum." If you find yourself in a bad place p [...]

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Rest in Peace Ashlee

Ashlee Kearse, a vibrant Nova Scotian who was shot and paralyzed during a home invasion in 2015, passed away this morning. Ashlee was only 23 and showed a great deal of courage as she struggled to walk again. Our thoughts are with her mom Wendy, her family, and her friends. You will be missed Ashlee. Your smile, even in your worst days, was in [...]

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Male Students Host #ManUpInspire Conference on Ending Violence Against Women

CPAC made a video of the conference we had in April. You can check it out here - CPAC Video. #ManUpInspire @ManUpLDHSS Students from the Man Up group at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School in Ottawa host their fourth annual Man Up Inspire Conference at city hall to address men’s roles in reducing violence against women. Guest speake [...]

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#ManUpInspire @ManUpLDHSS

Yesterday it was a full house at Ottawa's City Hall for the 2018 ManUp Conference. It was an honour to be there and meet the young men who are tackling issues around gender based violence.This years event was hosted by TSN's Ian Mendes and we discussed men's objectification of women and non-violent intervention strategies. It was great to have [...]

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A Tribute to Rehtaeh

Originally posted on Huffington Post Canada - 5 Years Later, Rehtaeh's Tragedy Is A Story Of Hope Five years isn't a very long time when you live under the umbrella of loss and grief. I wanted to write something to honour the memory of my daughter Rehtaeh on the fifth anniversary of her death but words fail me. What can I say that I haven't [...]

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We Need to Talk About Suicide #EndTheStigma #MentalHealth

Today in Canada approximately 11 people will end their lives by suicide and approximately 210 others will attempt it. Five years ago my daughter was one of those people, and five years later the pain is just as great as it ever was. If regrets and grief were dirt, I could shovel a mountain and still not find the answers I need to explain this. [...]

Five Years Ago Today We Said Goodbye #RehtaehParsons

Five years ago today I said goodbye to Rehtaeh for the last time. I picked her up from an appointment with a counsellor and drove her home to her mom's house in Cole Harbour. The trip took about twenty minutes and I replay it in my head always. I'm so grateful her last words to me were "I love you dad." As am I grateful my last words to her we [...]

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Voices For Equity Launches 😎🙌

I'm incredibly happy to be part of this important speakers initiative. Conceived by internationally recognized speaker Julie S. Lalonde, Voices for Equity is a collaboration with violence prevention speaker Kevin Vowles. ​ V4E represents speakers with "diverse backgrounds, extensive knowledge, rich personal narratives and the capacity to conne [...]

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