It’s Time to Include Boys and Men

(Toronto) This past Monday I attended the press conference as the Minister of Status of Women Maryam Monsef revealed Canada's "Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence." The new strategy focuses on boys and men being part of [...]

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Barry Winters Gets His Day #Edmonton #RehtaehParsons

Some  content may be NSFW. Barry Winters finally got the wish he's had for years. He's finally a famous blogger. Edmonton police said Winters was arrested in connection with the operation of multiple hate-based websites, dating back to 2012. Wi [...]

“You deserve rape” Guy Hit with Comments

Preacher carrying ‘you deserve to be raped’ sign was hit over the head by baseball bat-wielding woman outside a high school in Glendale, Arizona. At the time of the assault the man was using a megaphone to tell students they're going to hell. I' [...]

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Determination #RehtaehParsons

I used to live in this beautiful place near the shore of Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. We had a snow storm in January, 2003 and were stuck until the roads cleared up. For some reason Rae was determined to go to that beach you see way in the background. [...]

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I Never Called Her #suicideawareness = #suicideprevention

I never called my daughter on the day she died. I had always been so proud of how often we talked to each other, but on the day she died I never called. I remember sitting on the couch and thinking about calling her, but I didn't. I went to bed [...]

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I don’t know the latest victim, at least not by name

Dispatches from Cyberspace are random writings about recent events, my life, and my much loved and missed daughter ~ Rehtaeh  Halifax writer Amira-Nicholle Hirtle wrote this powerful poem on sexual violence after being inspired on her way home [...]

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