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Adopt a Dog

Sometimes you have moments in life and years later you look back and think, "Oh, that's what that was." I had that happen last night watching an episode of This Is Us. Dogs know. Dogs know who's sad, who is hurting, and they know who needs a friend to sit with. Our home in Halifax was an emotional mess after our daughter died. It was the kind [...]

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Today in Canada, 10 people will end their lives by suicide; 200 others will attempt so. For each death by suicide, between 7 and 10 people left behind are profoundly affected. World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity for everyone in the community – the public, charitable organizations, communities, researchers, clinicians, practitioners, [...]

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It’s Called Mélancolie

I can’t imagine any other image that could make someone understand what it feels like. The quite emptiness, the void, the weight of this eternal sadness. This sculpture is simply called Mélancolie. It was created by Romanian artist Albert Gyorgy and is located in Geneva, Switzerland. If you find yourself in a bad place please reach [...]

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We Need to Talk About Suicide #EndTheStigma #MentalHealth

Today in Canada approximately 11 people will end their lives by suicide and approximately 210 others will attempt it. Five years ago my daughter was one of those people, and five years later the pain is just as great as it ever was. If regrets and grief were dirt, I could shovel a mountain and still not find the answers I need to explain this. [...]

Five Years Ago Today We Said Goodbye #RehtaehParsons

Five years ago today I said goodbye to Rehtaeh for the last time. I picked her up from an appointment with a counsellor and drove her home to her mom's house in Cole Harbour. The trip took about twenty minutes and I replay it in my head always. I'm so grateful her last words to me were "I love you dad." As am I grateful my last words to her we [...]

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Stephen Hawking on Depression

World-renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and best selling author Stephen Hawking is known for providing complex insights into space, time, and theoretical physics. In a recent talk, the iconic man applied his brilliant mind to a more emotional matter - depression. Hawking gave a hopeful message to people suffering from depression, ma [...]

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A Note to My Seven Year Old Self

If I walked in I would have killed that man. I revisit that place many times in my dreams, and every time, I kill him before I hug you. If I could grab you and run I would, knowing dead or alive, he'll have his hands on us for the rest of our lives. But now I just want to hug you. I want to love you. You, and all your shattered pieces. [...]

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Breaking Is Freeing

This poem resonates with me in many ways. I've never felt so broken, but so real. ~Spoken by Alike (Adepero Oduye) in Pariah Written by Dee Rees Heartbreak opens onto the sunrise For even breaking is opening And I am broken I’m open Broken to the new light without pushing in Open to the possibilities within, pushing out See the love shine in [...]

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I've been busier than usual this past month. Being invited to share Rehtaeh's story always makes me feel good, even if it's hard to do. The image below is from a recent talk. Haven't been writing as much as I'd like. It's seems daunting and I know it's just the place I'm in. Small things seems big. I'm writing this just to write something. I d [...]

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Sad news in #Halifax #endthestigma #mentalhealth

This morning I read the story of a young Halifax woman who had a mental health crisis and her experience at the hands of the Halifax police. For those negatively commenting on her story, either on Facebook or other social media websites: Please don't. You are not playing "devils advocate" to a person in a crisis. You're playing the devil. Judg [...]

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