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This is Ozzy. He's a pug who came into my life after a dozen frantic phone calls from Rehtaeh in March, 2006. Ozzy was brought into a local animal shelter after he was found wandering around outside alone. Rae held me to a promise I would get a smal [...]

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Letters from Elementary School #RehtaehParsons

Last week I was handed an envelope of letters from Katimavik Elementary School. Grade eights there watched the documentary about Rehtaeh, No Place to Hide, and wrote about how the film affected them. There are 60 letters in all and I'm still going t [...]

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April 6 – #fatherhood

Today I thought of every single wonderful moment I shared with Rehtaeh. I thought of her lying face down in a incubator trying so hard to open her eyes and how hard I prayed at the end for her to open them once more. Fatherhood is the best thing in [...]

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April 5 – #RehtaehParsons #endrapeculture

Three years ago I woke up to messages left on my cell from Rehtaeh's mom, Leah. They were straight to the point, "Rehtaeh hung herself.” We have a butterfly lamp in our living room that's also an urn. I think Rae would have liked it. [...]

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