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Rehtaeh Anne Parsons (1995-2013)

‘Rehtaeh’ is a song written and performed by Nova Scotia artist Adam Baldwin.

“Rehtaeh” is about the systemic failures that led to the death of Rehtaeh Parsons in 2013 and is, as Adam puts it, “maybe the most important song I’ll ever write.”

The timeline provided by the Review of the Police and Prosecution Response into Rehtaeh’s case can be seen here.

On November 12th, 2011, Rehtaeh attended a sleep over at a new friends house. While there she and the other girl walked to a nearby house where a boy who went to their school lived. He had a friend visiting at the time and the mother of the house was home at the time.

Someone produced a bottle of Vodka and the four of them shared it. Rehtaeh doesn’t recall how much she drank but it was enough to make her physically sick. When she started to vomit the two boys carried her to a window so she could get sick while hanging out it and not make a mess in the room.

While she was out the window the two males debated who would go first (this we know from a letter sent to Rehtaeh’s mother from one of the youth following Rehtaeh’s death). When the second male raped her he asked for a photo to be taken. He smiled for the picture and gave a thumbs up. This photo was shared and spread to hundreds of students throughout the Halifax school district.

When they finished assaulting Rehtaeh they carried her to a bed so “she could sleep.” Rehtaeh’s friend had left earlier and returned with her mother. One of the males meet them at the door than returned to the bedroom with Rehtaeh’s friend. When they were unable to get Rehtaeh dressed they returned to the door and told the mother that Rehtaeh wanted to spend the night. The mother and her daughter left.

A little later two other males came to the house. One of them also lived in the home. They needed the bed Rehtaeh was in so they carried her to another room where the two new males raped her as well.

None of the information above is in dispute. That is the timeline according to the male in the photograph.

That is what happened to Rehtaeh Parsons on the evening of November 12th, 2011.

Rehtaeh Anne Parsons
Rehtaeh Anne ParsonsStudent
09 December 1995 – 07 April 2013

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