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[su_divider top="no" divider_color="#006699"] I'm going start a weekly podcast that will be called The Audio Blog. The name comes from a radio show I did in college a few years ago. My podcasts will include interviews with sexual assault advocates, survivors, feminists, justice system workers, heroes, youth workers, etc. I'm excited about podcastin [...]

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Contact Form Error

[su_divider top="no" divider_color="#006699" link_color="#006699"] There was an error on the form in the Contact Me page. If you sent me a message using the form I'm sorry but it was not received. I have no idea how long the error was active. Please try again or use glen@glencanning.com. Thanks. [...]

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Anatomy of a Troll

Trolls come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some are the hit and run types and will create a different username and profile for each attack while others are in it for the long haul and stick to a single profile. Trolls have been studied for awhile and the more thats learned about them the more an understanding develops of what they have [...]

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Mobile Blogging

So we're heading to Las Vegas. for the trip I'm going to leave my trusted MacBook Air behind and go with an iPad or my iPhone 5. Should be fun. I picked up a nice Kenneth Cole bag today too so expect a review of that in the coming days. Blogsy will be my app of choice along with Wordpress when I'm connected. For photo uploads I'm br [...]

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Shark fin soup trade

This is truly disgusting. I found this article this morning on Grind.TV and it depicts a trade that is completely out of control and out of touch. The Grind article is about a blog post by Hong Kong photographer Alex Hofford and his feature post A Shark Fin Roof Top in Hong Kong. Hofford writes "The front line in the war against the shark fin trade [...]

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Just set up an about.me page that works with this about.me Wordpress widget. About.me is a free service that lets you create a beautiful one-page website that’s all about you and your interests. Upload a photo, write a short bio, and add your favorite social networks to show the world the big picture of you. About.Me [...]

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Creating a MySQL Database for WordPress

Creating a MySQL database to use with your WordPress blog is actually much easier than it sounds. If you’ve gone the route of using your own hosting company, which I strongly recommend, you simply login to your CPanel (usually found at www.example.com/cpanel). Almost all web hosting companies offer MySQL database creation via CPanel and th [...]

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Social Media Rules

[list type="check"] [li]There are no rules if whatever it is you're doing is working.[/li] [/list] 1. Are you taking the way people talk? Be human. 2. Don't market to or talk down to people. 3. People use social media for themselves, not for you. 4. Be clever but don't try to hard. 5. It's a 24/7 job. 6. Always respond to people. 7. Offer to solve [...]

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Hack Update

Slowly but surely I'm returning things to normal. Ended up being listed as a compromised site by Google but that will work its way out soon. Looks like it originated in The Netherlands. I have an IP address from a malicious attempt to login today as an admin. I also installed some security plugins to keep things safe. Not all bad though. A new begi [...]

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App Review – Blogsy

Blogsy is an iPad blogging app that I decided to try after some frustration with the Wordpress one. Nothing really wrong with the Wordpress app, it just doesn't offer much in terms of making life easy for mobile posting. The image sizing never seems to work the way i want it to and trying to post on the fly really needs to be simple. I'm hoping Blo [...]

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