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(CNN) What appears to be the final page in the notebook of Zainab Amin, the 7-year-old girl whose rape and murder has prompted outrage across Pakistan, is a poignant reminder of a life cut tragically short. Dated January 4, the day on which Zainab was taken from near her home in the city of Kasur, the entry reads: "My self "I am a girl "My nam [...]

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A Note to My Seven Year Old Self

If I walked in I would have killed that man. I revisit that place many times in my dreams, and every time, I kill him before I hug you. If I could grab you and run I would, knowing dead or alive, he'll have his hands on us for the rest of our lives. But now I just want to hug you. I want to love you. You, and all your shattered pieces. [...]

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I Was Seven Years Old #AMS #CSA

Dispatches from Cyberspace are random writings about recent events, my life, and my much loved and missed daughter ~ Rehtaeh  I Was Seven Years Old I was seven years old when he took me by the hand and led me into his lair of secrets and threats. I was seven years old when he told me to close my eyes while he touched my small shivering body. [...]

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‘Break the Silence’ by the Ngukkur #WhiteRibbon

With the help of White Ribbon Australia, the Ngukkur community in Arnhem Land is a finalist in this year's NT Song of the Year. The children in the video wrote 'Break the Silence' together. This is both an inspiring video to watch and share as well as a powerful message against violence. You can cast your vote here. They definitely deserve it! BR [...]

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Stalking Amanda Todd

The name of Amanda Todd became synonymous with cyber-bullying and loss after the B.C. teenager committed suicide. Mark Kelley of the fifth estate reveals the never before told story of her accused online stalker, the global police hunt for him and troubling questions about why the suspect wasn't stopped before Amanda took her own life. Published [...]

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Untitled – a repost

[su_divider top="no" divider_color="#006699"] This poem was anonymously submitted to Glasnost. TW: sexual assault, child abuse [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#006699"] When I was six years old, I gave my first blowjob. “It’s a game”, said He. “Don’t you want to play?” It was too big, and I threw up on him. He said I’d do better the next time. [...]

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Bill C-32 Victims Bill of Rights Act

[su_quote cite="Justice Minister Peter MacKay"]Today I was proud to announce that the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights is now in force. Our Government is extremely proud of this new piece of legislation that was informed by Canadians across the country, in particular, victims of crime.[/su_quote] Last week Bill C-32 became law in Canada. One of the [...]

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Man Confronts His Abuser

Man confronts abuser who molested him when he was a 13 year old boy: [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#006699" link_color="#006699"] RELATED: A British father-of-two has confronted an Italian priest who allegedly sexually abused him when he was a teenager. [...]

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Rehtaeh Parsons Society

We are so glad to be able to finally launch the Rehtaeh Parsons Society in memory of Rehtaeh. Today is going to be fantastic day and I'm really looking forward to it. The feedback over the last year and a half from across Canada makes it obvious a need is there for victim advocacy groups - whether it be for cyberabuse, sexual assault, victim blamin [...]


The Huffington Post Canada's front page was dedicated to the hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported. The hashtag was created by former Toronto Star writer Antonia Zerbisias and Montreal Gazette reporter Sue Montgomery, who have shared their own stories of rape. [su_note note_color="#ffffff" text_color="#000000"]Trigger warning: The tweets below contain in [...]

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