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Nova Scotia Underage ‘Sexting Ring’ Trial Will Test New Law

Canning said he thinks more education should be a bigger priority than punitive laws. He believes his daughter's story should be shared by educators as a warning of the worst-case scenario involving cyberbullying. Source: Nova Scotia Underage ‘Sexting Ring’ Trial Will Test New Law | VICE | Canada [...]

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Finally, Good News for Carol Todd #AmandaTodd

Carol Todd, the mother of British Columbia teenager Amanda Todd, may finally have some justice. One of the men who tormented Amanda to death can be brought to Canada to face charges after an Amsterdam court approved his extradition. Aydin Coban has to face charges in the Netherlands for sexual assault and the extortion of 39 other victims before [...]

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Stalking Amanda Todd

The name of Amanda Todd became synonymous with cyber-bullying and loss after the B.C. teenager committed suicide. Mark Kelley of the fifth estate reveals the never before told story of her accused online stalker, the global police hunt for him and troubling questions about why the suspect wasn't stopped before Amanda took her own life. Published [...]

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Fixing the language of rape culture

[su_divider top="no" divider_color="#006699"] There's no such thing as non-consensual sex. You either had consensual sex, or you committed rape. Feminist Erin Matson did some editing on a Washington Post article about the recent charges against Jared Fogle. Her handiwork is below. Jared Fogle did not plan his business travel around repeated 'sexual [...]

Death threat charges dropped

Last week I met with Crown Attorney Eric Taylor and we went over the death threat case that was to begin today. The threats were made on my YouTube channel in August, 2013. At the time I took the threats seriously enough to contact the Halifax police and file a report. This is the threat made by YouTube user iamkarma902: If you check user iamkarma9 [...]

Rehtaeh Parsons, Photography, and Glen Canning

Meghan Murphy is an asshole. I had no idea who she was when she originally decided to attack me but I thought she is someone I should listen too. Now I know better. Murphy stands on a stack of academic papers staring down her nose at the world to see who see can deem unworthy next. There are two groups of people I can't stand - men's right activis [...]

Rehtaeh Parsons Society

We are so glad to be able to finally launch the Rehtaeh Parsons Society in memory of Rehtaeh. Today is going to be fantastic day and I'm really looking forward to it. The feedback over the last year and a half from across Canada makes it obvious a need is there for victim advocacy groups - whether it be for cyberabuse, sexual assault, victim blamin [...]

#YouKnowHerName: Declare amnesty on breaking ban

This was published today as an opinion piece in the Halifax Chronicle Herald. Author - David T.S. Fraser [su_divider top="no"] The story of the past week has been the publication ban in the “high profile child pornography case” (Google it), when it should have been a discussion about sexual assault, child pornography and cyberbullying. The police h [...]

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Victim Impact Statement

Today the first of two males charged in Rehtaeh's case will be sentenced. I'm not expecting much - parole for a couple months or a suspended sentence. He'll be sentenced as a young offender so there isn't a lot of options. I have no idea what to expect this morning. We have a lot of support and for that we are grateful. This is my victim impact sta [...]

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