Chatelaine Interview

‘There’s a disconnect right now with our youth, consent, the law and healthy sexual relationships’ Below is an interview I had with #Project97. What is #Project97: The vast majority of sexual assaults against women in this country—about 97 per cent—a [...]

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How to Not Get Raped

While researching an article about victim blaming I found this priceless gem. It seems perfect given I found three separate cases like Rehtaeh's with three statements about how the victim only called it rape once the photo got out. #jadapose // #OpJu [...]

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Understanding consent

Jackie Stevens of the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre says, people still don't understand the legal issues around consent. This morning she spoke on CBC Radio. [su_note note_color="#474343" text_color="#ffffff"]273.1. Meaning of “consent” 273.1 (1) Subj [...]

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