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Our Amazing Drive Around Iceland’s Ring Road in a Minivan Camper

Deciding to Go Iceland is one off the top tourist destinations of 2017 and it was an easy pick for us once we decided to plan an international trip. I know people who've been there and lots of people who want to go. This year an estimated 2.2 million people will vacation in Iceland. That’s almost five times as many as in 2010 and for country w [...]

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Icelandic Gragas Law Code of AD 1250

This Icelandic writing on vellum dates from about AD 1250 and is part of the Gragas Law Code. The artifact is on display in the Icelandic National Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland. "All men are prescribed by law to provide for those who cannot feed or clothe themselves, supporting them of either their own means or labor. Those who have no such sup [...]

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Dettifoss Falls in Iceland

This is about as close to a religious pilgrimage as I'll ever get. As soon as we started planning our trip to Iceland, Dettifoss was at the top of my list of places to visit. In fact, it was the only 'must see' place we had on our list. Getting there from the N1 took almost an hour. The 28km gravel road to the site wasn't bad or dangerous, jus [...]

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Light the light of love in the darkness of death

Inside the Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik, we lit a candle. In memory of Rehtaeh, Amanda, Arianna, Cassidy, ... in supplication and silence the light burns. Do not let the darkness prevent you from seeking the light! And when you have found it, let other people see,  re – think and be convinced. If you want the light to live, then give ri [...]

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Iceland is Magnificent

Iceland has been incredible. We arrived in Reykjavik early Sunday via Icelandic Air from Toronto. Once on the ground and through customs (it took about 5 seconds to clear), we headed out to pick up the camper van we rented from Kuku Campers. The van is small but has everything we need including a heater that can run all night. We learned quick [...]

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Iceland Bound

Writing from Pearson International Airport as we wait for our flight to board. We're both very excited to be underway and have a break. It's been rough since Ozzy died. Iceland is the destination. We rented a camper van and bought a map but have no real plan or schedule to follow once we arrive in Reykjavik. Just going to do the ring road driv [...]

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