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Guilty but not sorry

A radio interview I did with CBC's Stephanie Domet (25 Nov 2014). I was hard to read some of the comments left on Rehtaeh's memorial Facebook page by a relative of one of the child pornographers in her case. I get people want to defend their loved on [...]

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Radio Interview with Rick Howe

Interview with News 95.7 about the Rehtaeh Parsons publication ban. See, I said her name again. Rehtaeh Parsons. [su_note note_color="#ffffff" text_color="#000000"]Tuesday November 25, 2014 The father of the victim in a high profile child pornography [...]

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This is the best news I've had in a long time. Thank you Chronicle Herald! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The public interest is so important in this story. Rehtaeh deserves to have her name as a part of it. This ban protected only those with som [...]

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ON THE MEDIA: Her Name is Rehtaeh Parsons

This is a radio interview I did with On The Media (22 November, 2014). [su_divider top="no"] While maintaining the civility and fairness that are the hallmarks of public radio, OTM tackles sticky issues with a frankness and transparency that has buil [...]

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Publication Ban Violations Update

I'm hopeful a directive will be issued by the Nova Scotia Justice Minister stating that it is not in the publics interest to enforce this ban. Rehtaeh Parsons is her name! [su_divider top="no"] No charges to be laid in investigation into possible bre [...]

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Victim Impact Statement

Today the first of two males charged in Rehtaeh's case will be sentenced. I'm not expecting much - parole for a couple months or a suspended sentence. He'll be sentenced as a young offender so there isn't a lot of options. I have no idea what to expe [...]

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Girls Inc – Durham

[su_quote cite="Elie Wiesel"]We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.[/su_quote] Girls Inc - Durham Last week I had the pleasure to speak before an amazing gr [...]

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The Huffington Post Canada's front page was dedicated to the hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported. The hashtag was created by former Toronto Star writer Antonia Zerbisias and Montreal Gazette reporter Sue Montgomery, who have shared their own stories of r [...]

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Time to Talk – Media, Youth and Mental Health

University of King’s College School of Journalism 2014 Joseph Howe Symposium Time to Talk – Media, Youth and Mental Health Saturday, October 25, 2014 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 6350 Coburg Road Alumni Hall, New Academic Building Organized in association with [...]

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