Rehtaeh in Slate Magazine

[su_quote cite="Leah Parsons"]“The agencies that weren’t there to protect her are the same agencies that are silencing her once again. By taking the power of her name away, they’re stripping her of her voice a second time.”[/su_quote] Rehtaeh Parsons [...]

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Rehtaeh Parsons is her name

I will post everyday until May 16th when the court goes back in to attempt to overturn the Publication Ban....  REHTAEH PARSONS is her name. ~ Leah Parsons This ban makes no sense at all -- not at this point. No one in the justice system stood up to [...]

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Publication ban emerges in Rehtaeh’s case

[su_box title="HALIFAX" style="noise" box_color="#006699"]A provincial court judge in Halifax has cited a mandatory publication ban in reference to a prominent child pornography case that had made national headlines. The mandatory ban referred to pro [...]

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