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Sad news in #Halifax #endthestigma #mentalhealth

This morning I read the story of a young Halifax woman who had a mental health crisis and her experience at the hands of the Halifax police. For those negatively commenting on her story, either on Facebook or other social media websites: Please [...]

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Remembering #JamieHubley #mentalhealth

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Jamie Hubley's death. Jamie's family is very much on my mind. I hope they can find a memory to smile about today, and everyday. The following was written by a young man inspired by Jamie. He is one of many. On thi [...]

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The Lifeline – an app for Suicide Prevention and Awareness

The LifeLine is “Canada’s National Suicide Prevention and Awareness App.”  Lifeline offers access and guidance to support for those suffering in crisis and those who have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one from suicide. Lifeline Canada Fo [...]

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#FrameofMind – Youth and Suicide #worldsuicidepreventionday

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Huffington Post Canada has published a series titled Frame of Mind. The series aims to "raise awareness and spark a conversation by speaking directly to teens who are going through a tough time, as well as [...]

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