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Thank You Australia and New Zealand #RehtaehParsons

Recently, Rehtaeh's movie, No Place to Hide, was shown in Australia and New Zealand. We always know where it's being broadcast because of all the emails and messages we receive. To everyone who has reached out with words of kindness and support from across the world - THANK YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️ It's heartwarming to know her name and story has reached [...]

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Letters from Elementary School #RehtaehParsons

Last week I was handed an envelope of letters from Katimavik Elementary School. Grade eights there watched the documentary about Rehtaeh, No Place to Hide, and wrote about how the film affected them. There are 60 letters in all and I'm still going through them. It was a very thoughtful thing to do. Below are some samples. I am going to post a note [...]

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Thank you Australia

Going by the messages I've received in the past couple of days it's obvious the documentary about Rehtaeh played in Australia. I'm glad to see it's getting air time all over the world and is having an impact on a lot of people. Thank you to all the people in Australia who have written me messages of support and condolences. I hope Rehtaeh's movie [...]

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