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Last week I had the honour to attend a ManUp meeting in Ottawa to discuss the role young men play in ending violence against women. Rehtaeh's life mattered to these guys enough that they've taken it upon themselves to do something about her tragic story and do what they can do so it doesn't happen to someone else. When I look back at the past [...]

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#ManUpInspire @ManUpLDHSS

Yesterday it was a full house at Ottawa's City Hall for the 2018 ManUp Conference. It was an honour to be there and meet the young men who are tackling issues around gender based violence.This years event was hosted by TSN's Ian Mendes and we discussed men's objectification of women and non-violent intervention strategies. It was great to have [...]

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#‎OttawaPolice NoMeansNo‬

“Here I am, finding myself sharing this post again. I’ve decided to come out, to stop hiding. This happened to me, and I don’t have to be ashamed of it. I’m deciding to come out, because I want women, and men to know that they are not alone. I want people to understand that THIS is a REAL problem in our society. My point isn’t to “bash” this guy, [...]